Who is Robyn Ehmen?

With a career span of over 20 years in health, Robyn is an experienced Naturopath, Advanced Western Herbalis and; Bowen Therapist. Robyn specialises in sleep disorders, brain and nervous system health, irritable bowel problems, weight management and fatigue. 
Robyn believes that educating her clients about their health is essential to the overall well being of a person and ultimately, successful health restoration and empowerment.
Most importantly, working with the individual at their own pace to achieve their goals and supporting them through the process is an integral principle of her care plans. Happiness & achievement of your goals can be much easier.


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Robyn uses natural medicine to treat the following:

Hormonal balance treatment

Fertility and women’s health problems

Adrenal fatigue and burnout

Herbal treatments especially for stress, anxiety, fatigue infertility and digestive problems

Thyroid and autoimmune problems

Fat burning / weight reduction – with quick results!

Wellness and lifestyle coaching through kinesiology

Allergy clinic – I help to eliminate allergies by desensitisation and digestive system repair

Bowen therapy – to realign the spine and alleviate aches, pains and general muscle tension

Children’s health problems

Anti-ageing treatment