Brisbane South Naturopathy Clinic

  • The Clinic has been established for over 20 years.
  • Robyn, Naturopath and Counselling practitioner, worked previously as a Registered Nurse for over 10 years in intensive care, medical, surgical, pediatric, orthopedic as well as gynecological operating theatre and the blood transfusion center.
  • I understand your medical treatment and can show you how to read your blood test results.  
  • I discovered that there was a gap in patient care between being very sick in hospital and recovering back to optimal health. This gap is not being addressed by mainstream medicine. 
  • Natural medicine seemed to be the answer. It is about how people can help themselves back to full health naturally.
  • I practice Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, and Bowen Therapy with Massage.
  • My specialties include:
    • thyroid problems
    • hormonal imbalance in young women and promoting healthy fertility, as well as IVF support
    • Natural relief for Menopausal symptoms
    • Sleep disorders
    • Brain and nervous system health
    • Irritable bowel problems
    • Weight reduction management
    • Relief of tiredness
    • Counselling.

When necessary, advanced techniques such as Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Emotional Therapy Techniques and Emotion / Body Code are used.

Robyn Ehmen

Robyn’s early life started in New Zealand, West Africa and Hong Kong.

She received her tertiary educational qualifications as a Registered Nurse, Naturopath, Herbalist, Bowen Therapist and Counselling.

Robyn specialises in the relief and corrections of Allergies, reducing the impact of Stress, Hormonal Balance and Fertility, Skin problems especially Acne, and effective Anti-Ageing strategies.

Through personal experience Robyn had allergies from early childhood and overcame these with processes of Naturopathy. She realised that people are unaware that they feel unwell, mentally or physically, because of allergies. Robyn makes recovery from allergies easy with her layered approach to wellness.

What makes Robyn Ehmen stand out in her profession as a Naturopath is her depth of knowledge and experience. She understands the medical and natural approach to health. Robyn has the gift of understanding you.

Robyn will make you laugh and enjoy your time with her. Feeling better is made easy.


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